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A girl who is majoring in Japanese language and culture in Jakarta, who is also love the art of love between men and recently got herself in the world of craft (more specific, crochetting and knitting)
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my friend in japan found a really cool book

japan is more knowledgable about our curse words than you or i ever suspected

we need this book in every european language


Levi x 3DMG in the “A Choice with No Regrets” trailer

The sequence is simply stunning.


i feel like i am watching a magical girl transformation


i feel like i am watching a magical girl transformation


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Russia called England and America an old married couple? That is all


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Russia called England and America an old married couple? That is all

Last question I swear,lol. You said you could tell someone's type by certain things they say/lifestyle/hobbies,etc. Could you give examples of things that are giveaways of each type? I'm trying to type some people that I know.




SPs tend to have physical hobbies directly tied to visual stimulation and/or body awareness. Gardening. Rock climbing. Skydiving. Karate. Working out. Jogging. Tinkering with cars. Painting. Interior design. They are very visual, and easily distracted by what is going on around them — by things happening in their environment.

NPs have more diverse hobbies tied to their imagination. Book reading. Writing. Sci-fi. Drawing. Sewing (costumes for Comic Con, naturally!). They are less visual and more ideas-based. Ideas distract them more than what is happening in their environment. You’ll see a bit of their Si in their tendency to be a tiny bit sentimental or nostalgic; it’s not uncommon to find an interest in history, personal or global, as well as the fact that they kept things from their childhood.

SJs tend to be more practical and down to earth in their hobbies; a lot of them take up things that tie them in some way to the past, or that they have done for a long time (sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening, reading, writing, etc). They are the LONG TERM hobbyists. They find something they’re good at and like to do, and stick with it for decades, until they can out-do anyone else who has ever tried doing it. SFJs are more into Fe-related hobbies (more open to discussing movies and books with friends or groups, writing fiction based on their experiences, etc) whereas STJs prefer pursuing private interests, often that tie in to their greater understanding of a topic (reading history books for fun) or help them in the work force (designing and outfitting a portfolio).

NJs are a lot like the NPs in the sense that they pursue hobbies related to their imagination; it’s more interesting to explore theories and ideas than it is to deal with real-world tangibles; they are caught between the pursuit of their goal and wanting to take up hobbies that both support them in reaching those goals and give them a “break” from it, and their Se-desire for physical stimulation. You’ll find INXJs reading, writing, and using their imaginations, while dabbling in physical hobbies (playing sports, learning martial arts, exploring fashion design, etc); ENXJs are more openly physical and make go for more thrill-seeking hobbies (race cars, deep sea diving, anything thrilling).


SJ Sensors prefer traditions and routines, and aren’t always inclined to try out new things. They often prefer antiques to anything new, and usually have a story or memory to share that relates to each piece. They commit to long-term relationships and try not to move around much, since they have real ties to their community and family history. Everything in their home has meaning to them.

SP Sensors tend to move around more and become bored with too much routine and sameness. They like to try out new things and it’s not uncommon for the more restless and impulsive ones to have a string of romantic partners over a several year period. They tend to always be going places and doing things. They choose to adorn their home with things that appeal to their five senses.

NJ Intuitives prefer a more settled routine as well, but always strive toward a particular goal. They have expensive taste but are less inclined to be impulsive or reckless than their Se-dom counterparts. They have a sense of structure and order to their interior design, that also goes in for dramatic flourishes. They enjoy novel things.

NP Intuitives are restless and get frustrated when things are the same for a long period of time; they may move furniture around, buy new pieces and/or art, or engage in remodeling projects. They may or may not move around, but their home usually shows an eclectic collection of things they have adopted over the years or remnants of past hobbies that were tried out and then abandoned. They have a sentimental streak so some things will be old and probably passed down from Grandma.


NTJs deal in facts and symbolism. 

STJs deal in facts and memories.

NFJs deal in symbolism and emotional meaning.

SFJs deal in memories and emotional meaning.

STPs deal in tangible realities and enthusiasm for life.

SFPs deal in tangible realities and strong personal meanings.

NTPs deal in possibilities and enthusiasm for ideas.

NFPs deal in possibilities and strong personal meanings.



You know…

When Kaworu says “I might have been born to meet you” in the tv series he has this smile on his face that seems just amazed and fascinated.


Because Kaworu and Shinji are very much in puppy love here. Kaworu is looking at him like this because he’s absolutely…

"At some point you just have to let go of what you thought should happen and live in what is happening."

--Unknown (via psych-facts)